Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where to Find Binaural Beats?

Now that you know what binaural beats, I'm sure you're eager to listen to some for yourself. There are a variety of websites out there offering binaural beats. Prices range from very expensive, to free. Some include background music, and others are just the binaural beat itself. It all comes down to personal preference. Take your time, and find what works best for you.

Free Sources -

HealingBeats - My go to resource for everything relating to binaural beats. Plenty of free binaural beats can be found on the website, and the forums.

D.I.Y. Dharma  - Plenty of free binaural beats available to stream or download.

HealingBeats archive - This is an archive of a bunch of free binaural beats compiled from HealingBeats.

Sbagen  - An open source tool used to produce binaural beats.

Gnaural  - An easy to use tool used to produce binaural beats. There is also a java application of the program available on their website. This allows you to try it without downloading it.

Paid Sources -

Unexplainable - One of my personal favorites for paid binaural beats. The quality of the binaural beats and background music is very well produced. I've had much success with many of their tracks, and I still continue to use them today. They are a good source for the price.

Binaural-Beats - Affordable prices and good quality. Creators of the well known "digital drug" preset. Many have had amazing experiences with it. I've yet to have any luck trying it. It's still worth trying if you have the money.

Brain Sync  - Binaural beat programs with a focus on health and well being.

i-Doser - Another paid source for binaural beats. There is a lot of controversy over the claims i-Doser makes. The prices vary greatly from very cheap, to overly expensive. I've had mixed results from the "doses". It's worth taking a look at some of the cheaper doses.


displayed said...

very helpful thanks!

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Hehe binaural beats dont work.

pol said...

i should probably read your other blogs first.. :P

-DO- said...

Unexplainable: wow this looks awesome

Polybius said...

I tried a few of the "strongest" i-Doser doses a long time ago. Didn't work but I'd be cool if it did,

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I remember hearing something like this before, I think it was on youtube. It was pretty amazing. Keep on blogging bro!

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Thanks so much man! Im totally into the binaural beat thing, but cant find them! very usefull

Tsipise said...

Thelogo looks cool. Meditative.

Truth Finder said...

Idose beats im extremely interested will keep on eye on this

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the free links. I Googled this a while back when I first heard of it and kept running into pay sites.

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